About SimplySkin Rx

SimplySkin Rx is the innovation of three compounding pharmacists who set out to produce a skin care line with the idea that a skin care regimen should be grounded in science and simple to adhere to.  Sam Costello RPh, Lee Henderson PharmD and Catherine Henderson PharmD

Best Ingredients

The key ingredients that you will find in our products are as follows: Alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, retinol, glycolic acid, CoQ-10, sodium hyaluronate, Vitamins E and C. These ingredients have been the focus of many clinical trials and studies and have documented positive results in their respective categories. Many skin care companies are all about the hype…not us; we believe in science and we deliver beauty.

Best Concentrations

In order to get the results that you want you have to use products that contain the key ingredients in the correct concentrations and pH range. That’s where our expertise as compounding pharmacists comes into play. We have spent countless hours in the lab testing concentrations and pH ranges to determine the optimal formulations for our products. We promise that we will never add negligible amounts of any ingredient just so we can claim that we have that ingredient in our formulation.

Best Combinations

It is not only enough to use the right key ingredients at the right concentrations, you have to use them in a way in which they can work together. Skin care needs cannot be met with one product or with one miracle ingredient. It requires a combination of ingredients that exfoliate, increase collagen production, promote healthy new cell growth, cleanse and protect. It is our goal to combine these ingredients into as few products as are necessary to deliver real results.

Best Results

We strive to give people real skin care results that they can visualize and feel good about. We want to set realistic skin care goals with our clients and see those goals met time after time. Skin care products that are applied to the face are the first line of treatment to keep the skin healthy and to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. By using the products that we provide you will maintain a natural and healthy appearance. By adhering to a daily skin care regimen you may be able to delay or completely avoid more invasive procedures such as face lifts, injections and deep chemical peels.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company.